Our Caves

The English city of Nottingham has a unique architectural heritage - beneath the city there are nearly 500 man-made caves cut into the natural sandstone. Some date back to the medieval period and possibly even earlier. These caves “constitute a feature of the City that is unique in the national context” (Nottingham Local Plan, 2005: 79).


They have been used for a vast array of purposes, including dungeons, beer cellars, cess-pits, tanneries, malt-kilns, houses, wine cellars, tunnels, summer-houses, air-raid shelters, sand mines, follies, dovecotes and even a bowling alley!


We invite you to join Madame Parboiled in the enigmatic and ancient caves under the Sir John Borlase Warren to explore medieval crime and punishment, snippets of horrible history and facts you won't be able to forget!


This show really engages children in history, and adults get a good laugh as well as picking up facts they never knew about.  Being in the evening makes it a memorable unconventional birthday, stag party or hen do, as well as corporate or social club events- as she can pick on your friends and colleagues to help explain the executioner's arts!


Every Wednesday 7.30pm