There are Sunday Roasts and then there's

The Sir John Borlase Warren Sunday Roast.


Our classic sirloin roasting joint, boasts the outstanding marbling and rich flavour that makes it so prized, and a must for the most discerning of roasts.

Sourced locally and exclusively from grass fed herds to promise ample marbling, before being dry age matured  to relax the meat to tenderness, and concentrate the luscious beef flavour.


Fresh eggs blended with the finest flour and a few secret ingredients create our unique batter. Smoking hot beef dripping and just the right amount of time ensures a crisp, pillowy light texture for our best Yorkshire puddings.


Fresh, seasonal, succulent and nutritious vegetables accompanied by cauliflower cheese or leek gratin for the ultimate and most indulgent way to your five a day.


Roast meat juices, red wine and onion with a mirepoix of vegetables to create the most flavourful real gravy. Rich, thick smooth and glossy, our gravy creates the perfect accompaniment to the very best Sunday Roast.


It's the journey that makes the difference.



We Believe We Serve The Best Sunday Roast